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Showroom Samples

"As Is" or "Showroom Sample" - These pieces are new out of the box items. They will not be in perfect condition like a "new, in the box" item. We will inspect every item before it is packed and shipped to ensure that the items are as close to "new in the box" as possible.  

*If you are someone that is looking only for PERFECTION and BRAND NEW IN THE BOX product then we do encourage you to go to your Local RETAIL store and purchase, unlike us they will offer that coverage and it will be built into the price.  

We have a team of professionals that have been conducting this business for over 10 years and take a lot of pride and responsibility to insure each piece of furniture that leaves our warehouse is as close to "new in the box" quality as possible.  We have the advantage of living in the"Furniture Capitol of the World" and capitalize on buying high end furniture at discounted prices and passing it on to you, the consumer.  Our goal is to bring our customers the furniture they desire at prices they can afford.  We strive to make EACH and EVERY customer happy with their purchase in hopes that they will be repeat customers and pass along to friends and family our information.  This is our livelihood, the way we pay our bills and feed our families so we are committed to pleasing our customers FIRST!